Grand Prize > GRAND PRIZE! Summer Spectacular! - 16 tickets - $556*

GRAND PRIZE! Summer Spectacular! - 16 tickets - $556*   $556.00

Win $3,000 cash or $3,500 toward camp or a Kosherica Cruise! - Experience the wonders of the open seas in the lap of luxury on a Kosherica 5-star Glatt Kosher Cruise.
Relish the finest delights that the world of kosher dining has to offer while being treated to the talent of world-class entertainers and scholars. Be amazed by the natural splendor of Hashem’s wondrous world. Be pampered for one week on a breathtaking vacation for two. Behold the beauty of Alaska or the Caribbean. Discover the magic of the Mediterranean. Explore the marvel of Venice, Greece, Rome or Barcelona. Experience the vacation of a lifetime; you will treasure the memories forever. (Must be used within one year and subject to availability. Restrictions apply.)
1 ticket - $55

Co-sponsored by: Kosherica, Dovid & Sheina Hoch in honor of Bubby & Zaidy Goldman

Auction is now closed. No more tickets are being sold!