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“Dear Leah Lipsker and the Camp Committee,

Thank you for everything you have done to give my children the summer to remember unfortunately my husband passed on at a very young age the children are suffering so much from this great loss the summer gave them a experience they will never forget it brought them joy stability in a kosher healthy environment bolstering their self esteem at a time when it was so necessary carry in their lives I have no words to thank you may hashem bless you and continue your good work.”

“Dear Mrs. Lipsker,

I would like to take a moment and tell you how appreciative my family was.
For being there for us and helping making sure my children had a enjoyable chasidishe fun and a place they can be safe and fell home. We couldn’t have done it without you .

Thank you.”

“What’s a single mom to do if she has to work full time to support her 3 sons, doesn’t have family to turn to, and can’t afford to send them to camp?
That was my dilemma, but B”H Keren Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund was there to help me!
Camp literally saved the lives of my boys, keeping them in a kosher environment, where they could have fun, learn Torah and develop meaningful friendships with positive role models.
The boys all went to camp every year, even when we were struggling to afford food to eat! Camp saved them from the dangers of roaming the streets all day, while Mommy was at work.
They still have fond memories of stuffing envelops for the camp fund which gave them a sense of pride too, that they were able to raise money for other kids to go to camp as well.
B”H, they are now all happily married, raising from families of their own. I could never have done it with out Camp, or without Chasdei Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund that made it all happen!”

“Dear Leah,

A heartfelt thank you for navigating and negotiating on behalf of my children on their paths into camp via the wonderful Chasdei Avrohom Eliezer Camp fund. They are all now young and productive adults. At a time when I thought my children would be wandering in the streets one summer, your ability to adjust the camp fees to make it possible for my children to have a valuable camp experience has helped channel their lives in a way that I never imagined.
Pandemic has changed us all; we look for the good we can do. Children are still in need of that camp adventure. Please give any amount to help another child.

Thank you again and much Hatzlacha in all your endeavors.”


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